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Leading the way for

high-yeild investments   

Committed to delivering exceptional high-yield, social  accommodation, residential, off-plan investment opportunities across the UK. From our market research to our distribution and highly trained customer service, St. James’s Investments delivers a truly hands-off experience. We do the hard work whilst you enjoy the benefits.

Some of our clients invest with us to assure a second income  stream as they look to enter into retirement or to build and  grow their investment portfolio. 

A not so attractive pension income and low interest rates from the banks, means that individuals are not as financially comfortable with traditional bank investments. Investing with us allows individuals the opportunity to supplement their income, alleviating some financial stress they may face and as well as growing their investment portfolio.


Who we are 

St. James’s Investments is an Investment company that is based in Central London with shareholders bringing a combined 40 years  of investment experience with them. Originally, we began our  investment journey through our sister company MPI, which was  focused on investments in the niche field within the Mobile Homes sector which is extremely successful and continues to grow until  today. However, in recent years the scale and ambition of our investment portfolio has grown alongside the business and this is why St. James’s Investments was recently established to provide a more diverse and attractive portfolio of high-yield investments from various sectors. 

Your capital investment is 

 100% protected

Our aim has always been to provide clients with opportunities to invest in handpicked properties, assets and businesses in today’s top-performing classes. 

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